East Godavari District, which is one of the largest and most populous districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh, was successively ruled by Mauryas, Sathavahanas, Vishnu Kundins, Eastern Chalukyas, Cholas, etc., and then by the British. It was under the Raj, on April 15, 1925, that East Godavari District was formed as per G.O.No.502. East Godavari is one of the richest districts of the state, in terms of GDP, and is also both the cultural and tourist hub of the state. View More

Area: 12805 Sq.Kms Language: Telugu Villages: 1681
Population: 52.86 lakhs Male: 26,33,304 Female: 26,52,520
District Collector
Sri C Hari Kiran IAS Collector & District Magistrate
Kaushal Godavari

Kaushal Godavari is a flagship initiative of East Godavari district whose vision is to turn the Godavari region into a hub of skilled manpower and entrepreneurship through training, convergence, social inclusion, partnership with industry and educational institutions. Its objective is to train and place over 50,000 unemployed youth in private sector by 2018.

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Digital India Awards 2020.

Digital India Awards 2020

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