Mines & Geology


Role & Functionality of Dept.:
Collection of Mineral Revenue to the Government exchequer.

The functions of the office of the Asst. Director of Mines and Geology is promoting Mineral regulatory work and development in East Godavari District with in the purview of APMMC Rules, 1966 in case of Minor Mineral and M.C.Rules, 1960 and MM(D&R) Act, 1957 and other rules.  This office is receiving applications both for Major and Minor Minerals and after conducting due inspection necessary proposals inrespect of Major Minerals are sent to the Director of Mines and Geology, Hyderabad and inrespect of Minor Minerals to the Dy. Director of Mines and Geology, Kakinada.  The applicants are given guidance as to the availability of Minerals and the methods of economic mining and feasibility of the areas for economic exploration.  Recently this office is encouraging new entrepreneurs for filing of Granite applications in the District, Prospecting License for Granite was granted and another some quarry lease for Granite recommended for grant recommended  for Granite quarry lease.  If the material clicks in the matter, there is a possibility of Granite Industry becoming in the District.  As part of duty this office is executing the leases granted both under M.C.Rules, 1960 and APMMC rules, 1966 by collecting Advance Dead Rents, Security Deposit amounts and necessary registration charges etc.  The Mining Leases after execution are sent for registration and after registration are allowed for conducting Mining operations.

The Technical staff of this office are inspecting the applied areas of Mineral concession for both Major and Minor Minerals and also conducting regular inspections and surprise visits to curb the illicit activity and transportation of Minerals.


Organizational Structure from Dist. Officers to the Lowest Level:


It is submitted that this Department is not implementing any schemes to the Public.

This Department is only revenue generation Department.

Targets and Achievement up-to 15th August, 2017 is as follows.

Sl.No Mineral Target

(Rs. In crores)


(Rs. In crores)

% of Ach’ment
1 Major Minerals 91.02 41.42 45%
2 Minor Minerals 25.11 20.67 82%
Total 116.13 62.09 53.46%


Sl.No. Designation Phone Number
1 Asst. Director of Mines and Geology, Rajamahendravaram 9100688824
2 Asst. Geologist 9100678963
3 Royalty Inspector 9100684446
4 Superintendent 9959861111
5 Surveyor 9866382123
6 Technical Assistant 7893993944
7 Senior Assistant 7013369191
8 Junior Assistant 9676311444

Office of Asst. Director of Mines and Geology, Rajamahendravaram Phone No.2469647

Email id:

PIO: K.L.V.Prasad, Asst. Director of Mines and Geology, Rajamahendravaram, Cell No.9100688824.

APIO: D.Venkata Raju, Superintendent, Cell No.9959861111.