BC Welfare


Role & Functionality of Dept.:

“To Bring the Backward Classes Socially, Educationally and Economically On par With other Developed Communities and to achieve a Just and Egalitarian  Society ”

There are 44 Pre metric Hostels (for School level )and 38 Post Metric Hostels (College Level) are Maintaining By BC. welfare Dept. BC Study Circle at Rajamahendravaram providing  free coaching to BC students to Appear Competitive Examinations like UPSC,APPSC,SSC,BSRB etc.


Organizational Structure from Dist. Officers to the Lowest Level:



1.         Administration of pre-metric Hostels Admission Given to poor BC Students whose parental annual income Below Rs/-44,500/- Providing all facilities Mils, Accommodation, Books, Bading Material, Etc.  with free of Cost.
2.         Administration of Post-metric Hostels Admission Given to poor BC Students whose parental annual income Below Rs/-1,00,000/- Providing facilities like Mils, Accommodation, Library Books with free of Cost.
3.         Post-metric Scholarships a) Sanction of Post metric Scholarships to all eligible BC students from Intermediate and above courses  whose parental income Rs.1,00,000/-

b) Sanction of  Fee Reimbursement  to all eligible BC students from Intermediate and above courses  whose parental income Rs.1,00,000/-

c) Sanction of  Fee Reimbursement  to all eligible EBC students from Degree and above courses  whose parental income Rs.1,00,000/-

4.   Pre-metric Scholarships Sanction of Premetric Scholarships to 9th and 10th class BC Students who are Studding in Government Municipal aided schools whose parental income below Rs. 44500/-
5.    Incentives to Inter caste Couples Sanction of Incentives for Rs. 10000/-  to Intra Caste Marriage Couples (BC to higher Caste / are any caste from any other caste in BCs one group to anther group in BC Caste those who are married
6.    Training to BC Law Graduates Providing Training  for three years to Law Graduates at Senior  Government advocates / at Public prosecutors  with free of coaching fee, Rs.1000/- Sanction monthly Stifuned up to Three years. Rs. 3000/- will be sanctioned for parches of law books and furniture
7.   NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas Scholarships An amount of Rupees 10,00,000/- (Ten Lakhs), only will be sanctioned to BC Students for pursuing Higher Studies (MS / PHD Courses) in abroad , the above amount will be sanctioned in two installments whose prenatal income not less than Rs. 6,00,000/-(Six Lakhs) for details watch https://epass.apcfss.in
8.    Registration of Caste Basic (BC) Societies Societies Related to BC Federations Caste Washermen co.op.societies, Naibrahmin, Krishnabalija, Sagara((Uppara), Bhatrajulu, Walmiki/Boya, Vadderaco.op.society, Kummara/Salivahana, Medara, Viswabrahmin(Kamsali), Geetakarmika co.op. society  will be registered  on the basics of eligibility.


Sl. No. Place Name of the Officer Digignation Landline No. Mobile No. e-Mail ID Remarks
1 Kakinada M.Chinnababu Deputy Director 0884-2379216 7093851555 dbcwo_egd[at]ap[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Kakinada Ch.Hari Prasad District BC Welfare Officer 0884-2379216 9000951018 dbcwo4474[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Kakinada P.V.G.Krishna Assistant BC Welfare Officer 8341314946 abcwo[dot]kkd[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Ramachandrapuram T.Venkateswarulu Assistant BC Welfare Officer 9989029475 abcwo[dot]rcpm[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Tuni M.Ramachandrarao Assistant BC Welfare Officer 9949962372 abcwo[dot]tuni[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Amalapuram Ch.Veeraswamy Assistant BC Welfare Officer 9849900288 abcwo[dot]amp[at]gmail[dot]com
7 Rajamahendravaram Ch.Nagalakshmi Assistant BC Welfare Officer 9000999107 abcwo[dot]rjy[at]gmail[dot]com
8 Peddapuram Srinivasa Charyulu Assistant BC Welfare Officer 8466859757 abcwo[dot]pdp[at]gmail[dot]com
Amalapuram Division, E.G.Dist. Kakinada Division, E.G.Dist.
Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Mandal Name of the HWO Phone No. Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Mandal Name of the HWO Phone No.
1 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  A.V. Pallipalem Sakinatipalli B.V.Ramana 8247797627 1 Govt.BC Boys Hostel, No-1,  Kakinada KAKINADA D.V.Subba Raju 7396747646
2 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel AMALAPURAM Amalapuram J.V.V.S.Gangadhar 9849944287 2 Govt.BC Boys Hostel, No-2,  Kakinada Y.Satyanarayana 9154469695
3 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel,Amalapuram K.Sujatha  (FAC) 9848659063 3 Govt.BC College Girs Hostel No.3 kkd M.Satyakumari 7396610888
4 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Amalapuram K.Sujatha 9848659063 4 Govt.BC Girls Hostel, No-1,  Kakinada P.Latha 9908453660
5 Govt.BC Boys Hostel, Amalapuram K.R.K.Prasad 9490886620 5 Govt.BC Girls Hostel, No-2,  Kakinada N.Rajeswari 9848070349
6 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Pulletikurru Ambajipeta A.V.S.N. Murthy 9951726579 6 Govt.BC Boys Hostel, No-3,  Kakinada R.Subbarao 9848919135
7 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  I.Polavaram I.Polavaram R.VenktaRamana 8978613087 7 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel kkd(U) KAKINADA. URBAN. P.Anuradha 9290657175
8 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Katrenikona Katrenikona CH.Radhakrishna 9441755037 8 Govt.BC Govt.BC College Boys Hostel kkd(U) T.Vishnumurthy 9849495904
9 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel,Mukteswaram Inavalli P.Vijaya Kumar 8099117999 9 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel (R) kkd KAKINADA RURAL. Y.Indirapriyadarsini 9490115997
10 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel  Mukteswaram P.Kalpavalli  (FAC) 9912698818 10 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel (R) kkd Y.Satyanarayana (IC) 9154469695
11 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel,Mummidivaram Mummidivaram A.Pandu Ranga 9494548009 11 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Korangi Tallarevu K.V.V.D.Mahalaxmi 9247499242
12 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel,Mummidivaram P.Kalpavalli 9912698818 12 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Pithapuram PITHAPURAM V.V.V.S.K.S.Swarajyalaxmi 9491828659
13 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Mummidivaram K.E.Prabhaker 9490274967 13 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Pithapuram P.Srinu 9848788103
14 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel,Razole Razole K.Narsimhulu Dora (FAC) 9441462716 14 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Pithapuram Hunssanarabegam (FAC) 9030646993
15 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Razole K.Narsimhulu Dora 9441462716 15 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Pithapuram Hunssanarabegam 9030646993
16 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Samalkaot SAMALKOTA Ch.Usharani 9542465593


Peddapuram Division, E.G.Dist. Ramachandrapuram Division, E.G.Dist.
Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Mandal Name of the HWO Phone No. Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Mandal Name of the HWO Phone No.
1 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Peddapuram PEDDAPURAM B.Srivalli 9441497006 1 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Anaparthi ANAPARTHI. P.Harikrishna 8555086664
2 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Peddapuram P.V.V.Satyanarayana 9989985269 2 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Anaparthi G.V.V.Ramana 9849638233
3 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Peddapuram J.Nookaratnam 9492385025 3 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Ramachandrapuram RAMACHANDRAPURAM. Ch.Anilkumar 8500567043
4 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Divili B.Saraswathi 8500476813 4 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Ramachandrapuram P.Janaki (FAC) 9618743422
5 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Divili D.S.Bahadur  (FAC) 9866196254 5 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Ravulapalem RAVULAPALEM. P.Janaki 9618743422
6 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Jaggampeta JAGGAMPETA P.V.R.Chamundeswari 7842158567 6 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Ravulapalem Ch.N.V.Sairam 9949253388
7 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Jaggampeta B.V.Ramana 9676970516 7 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Mandapeta MANDAPETA P.Harikrishna (FAC) 8555086664
8 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Jaggampeta P.V.R.Chamundeswari 7842158567 8 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Mandapeta P.Janaki (FAC) 9618743422
9 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Yeleswaram YELESWARAM. K.Verra Ragavamma 9703353137 9 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Mandapeta P.Janaki (FAC) 9618743422
10 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Prathipadu PRATHIPADU. M.Sailaja Rani 9948282181
11 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Veeravaram VEERAVARAM D.S.Bahadur 9866196254
12 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Kirlampudi KIRLAMPUDI M.Suryanarayana 9441710209


Rajamahendravaram Division, E.G.Dist. Tuni Division, E.G.Dist.
Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Mandal Name of the HWO Phone No. Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Mandal Name of the HWO Phone No.
1 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Rajahmundry RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM URBAN M.P.D.Krupavaram 9491574245 1 IWHC for BC Boys, Tuni @ D.Polavaram TUNI P.V.Prasadrao 9908578318
2 IWHC for Girls, Rajamahendravaram V.Anuradha 9502234959 2 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Tuni P.V.Ramanamma 9885135148
3 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Rajamahendravaram (U) V.Sowjanya 9666182928 3 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Tuni P.Visalakshi 7893305679
4 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Rajamahendravaram(U) A.Sukur 8497955599 4 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Tuni Nageswarao 9032022754
5 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Rajamahendravaram (R) RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM RURAL K.L.P.Kameswari 7075072499 5 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Addaripeta THONDANGI P.Penttayya 9030227866
6 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Rajamahendravaram(R) P.Jayasundhari 9492141950 6 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Addaripeta Sairatnam 7287084964
7 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Rajavommangi RAJAVOMMANGI. J.S.S.Lakshmi 9491825719 7 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Gorsapalem Florance 7093941380
8 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Rajavommangi J.S.S.Lakshmi (FAC) 9491825719 8 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Ravikampadu M.Subbarao 9177753572
9 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Rajavommingi J.S.S.Lakshmi (FAC) 9491825719 9 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Yellayyapeta P.Ramakrishna 9989365731
10 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Rajanagaram RAJANAGARAM. G.Raghuram 9010024531 10 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  BH Kota KOTANANDHURU Y.Apparao 9989799298
11 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Rajanagaram J.Nagadevi 9985981743 11 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  Timmarajupeta M.Suryakumari 9959006706
12 Govt.BC Girls Hostel,  R.Chodavaram RAMPACHODAVARAM. D.Ranisakunthala (FAC) 7801065520 12 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Mulagapudi ROWTHULAPUDI T.V.V.prasad 8074600382
13 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Kotikesavaram KORUKONDA M.P.D.Krupavaram(FAC) 9491574245 13 Govt.BC College Boys Hostel Kathipudi SANKAVARAM K.Sundaramma 9247320259
14 Govt.BC College Girls Hostel Korukonda D.Ranisakunthala 7801065520
15 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  Kadiam KADIAM A.V.Prasad 9346224739
16 Govt.BC Girls Hostel, Chintur CHINTHOOR Ch.Kamaladevi 9490103519
17 Govt.BC Boys Hostel,  V.R. Puram V.R.PURAM. G.Lazer 9959429753


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