SRI SOMESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE, KOTIPALLIKotipalli is located at a distance of 38 Km from Kakinada, 60 Km from Rajahmundry and 15 Km from Amalapuram (Via Ferry/Boat). Kotipalli is a famous pilgrimage center, which is situated on the Bank of River Godavari according to Brahmanda Puranam and Gowthami Mahatyam. Here three famous idols are situated by Lord Indra, Lord Chandra and Kasyapa Maharshi.

Siddhi Janardhana Swamy along with Sridevi and Bhudevi were established as Kshetra Palaka by Kasyapa Maharshi. Lord Indra in order to wash out His sin He founded Koteswara Lingam along with Amma varu. Further Lord Chandra established Someswara Lingam with Raja Rajeswari Amma varu to wash out his sin.

SRI SOMESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE, KOTIPALLIThe Holy River is very famous for its sacred water it was brought by Gowtham Maharshi. If any person take a bath in these Holy Water of Gowthami at Kotipalli will purify himself from all kinds of sins. It was written in Sri Gowthami Mahatyam. It is also known as Koti Teertha Kshetram as a number of water currents are flowing in these waters. A holy dip in Gowthami waters at this Kshetram is very famous for the removal of sins completely. Here there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva. Koteswara Lingam is a Yoga Lingam, Someswara Lingam is a Bhoga Lingam. Raja Rajeswari Amma varu is famous for satisfying the wishes of Devotees.

Every day in the early hours Koti Teertham water is brought by Holy Archakas and Abhisekham is done with those waters. In the evening Dhupa Seva and Asthana Pooja, Pavalimpu Seva will be celebrated with devotion. From times of in memorial Devotees are visiting these Holy Kshetram and worshipping the Lords with devotion. Janardhana Swamy Kshetra Palaka is known as Siddhi Janardhana Swamy who grants wishes of the devotees.

SRI SOMESWARA SWAMY TEMPLE, KOTIPALLIOnce upon a time it was called as Somaprabhapuram. There is a big water tank in front of the temple which is known as Soma Puskarini. His Holiness Kachi Kama Koti Peethadhipathi and his Holiness Srungeri Jagadguru visited this Holy Kshetram. In the premises of the temple there are 4 Pradakshina Mandapams, in the Northern Mandapam Kalabhairava Swamy temple and Sankaracharya Mandir along with Chandra Mouliswara Lingam, further Navagrapha temple along with Uma Sametha Mruthyunja Lingam are situated for benefit of Devotees.


  • Magha Bahula Chathurdasi (Mahasivarathri) (Feb/Mar).
  • Sri Swami Vari Kalyanam (Vysakha Suddha Ekadasi) (May).
  • Sarannavarathri festival (Aswayuja Suddha Padyami to Dwadasi) (October).
  • Ksheerabdi Dwadasi Teppotsavam during Kartheeka Masam (November).


Guest Houses available are

  1. Irrigation Bungalow (contact Controler, Executive Engineer, Godavari Eastern Divison, Dowleswaram).
  2. Sri Pydah Vari Choultry (Contact Sri Pydah Sriramakrishna Murhti, Manager & Mg.Trustee Sri Pydah Choultries, Buddavarapuvari Street, Kakinada)

Temple Authorities

Execuitive Officer

Sri Someswara Swami Vari Devasthanam,
K.Ganagavaram Mandal (Pamarru Mandal),
East Godavari District.
Pin- 533 306