It is located at a distance of 21 Km from Amalapuram, 55 Km from Rajahmundry and 70 Km from Kakinada (Via Ravulapalem). The Diety of the temple Sri “Pallalamma” Ammavaru is situated in the village of Vanapalli of Kothapeta Mandal in East Godavari District.This temple is one of the greatest temples of Dieties in Andhra Pradesh and having much power. Vanapalli village is situated by the side of “Gowthami River”.

Every year, in the month of “Vysakha”, a festival will be performed on Tuesday after Vysakha Poornima and it will be continued for one month, and many people from distant places will be coming and pray their respects to Goddess with much devotion. During this period of one month, it will be a festival for the people of Vanapalli village. Vanapalli village was render the Administrative control of the Maharaja of Pithapuram Divanam. One day Sri Ammavaru was seen in the dream of Maharaja when she asked for “fruits” and promised that wealth and Health will be given to his family. According to his dream, Sri Maharaja of Pithapuram has donated some land to Sri Ammavaru. The villagers of Vanapalli village and surrounding villages will be performing poojas on every Friday and Seva programmes will be conducted with drums etc. With “Garagas”. It is also a tradition here in Ammavari Temple that on every Tuesday and Friday, the Ammavaru will be prayed by performing Sahasrachana, Pushparchana with “Pasupu and Kumkuma”.

It is also a tradition that the people of Vanapalli and surrounding villages will name their children as “Pallamraju”, “Pallamma”, “Pallalamma” with great Devotion to Goddess Sri Pallalamma Ammavaru.After Chaithra Suddha Poornima, the “Garagas” in the Temple of Ammavaru will be taken to another Temple and they will be placed there for a period of one month. During this period of one month that these Garagas will be taken for Grama Seva at night times. On the last day of one month, Sri Ammavaru will enter into a field she likes and three Toddy trees from that field will be cut and utilized as cradle from Ammavaru on the day of festival.

There is verdict in this area, that at the time of digging the main canal from Rajahmundry to Kundaleswaram (Via) Vanapalli, it was thought by Sir Arthur Cotton, that the Temple of Sri Pallalamma Ammavaru will obstruct the way of Canal and wanted to dismantle it. At this time Sri Ammavaru appear in the dream of Sir Arthur Cotton, and told him that her temple will not obstruct the way of canal and that he can continued to dig the canal without dismantling the same and that she will extend her sakthi also during the period of digging.

Thus Sir Arthur Cotton has completed the digging of canal and pay his respects to Goddess with great devotion. It is seen that a statue of “Jackal” is under the feet of Sri Pallalamma Ammavaru and Sri Ammavaru is seated herself by putting her leg on the other leg. It is also seen that the statue of “Ganapathi” is facing “South” which is very important for this temple. Pooja and Archana karyakramams are being performed in this temple as per tradition of “Gramadevatha Agama Sastra”.


  • One month after full moon day in Vysakha Maasam Telugu Thidhies (May).
  • Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are important days for devotees.


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Temple Authorities

The Person-in-Management,

Sri pallalamma Ammavari Devasthanam,

Kothapeta Mandal,
East Godavari District
pin – 533 228