SRI BALA BALAJI DEVASTHANAM, APPANAPALLIAppanapalli is Located at a distance of 70 Km from Kakinada (Via Yanam & Bodasakurru), 110 Km (Via Ravulapalem from Kakinada), 85 Km from Rajahmundry and 35 Km from Amalapuram (Via Ambajipeta) 13 Km (Via Bodasakurru Ferry) from Amalapuram. Appanapalli, a remote village in Mamidikuduru Mandal of East Godavari District, situated on the holy banks of river Vynateya has attained reputation as second Tirupathi of Konaseema being the abode of Lord Bala Balaji.

Surrounded by river Godavari on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on 4th side, flanked by wide spread paddy fields, coconut gardens, plain Mango and Jack trees konaseema appears as a part of heaven came down to earth. The village Appanapalli derived its name after a Rushi called “Appana” who did THAPASSU for the good of the world. This place in olden days was famous for well-read Brahmins in Vedas who used to spend their time in reciting hymns and performing sacrifices as ordained in the scriptures.

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Little wonder there fore if Appanapalli has established itself as a Center of unfailing cultural heritage of our mother land.The founder of the present Bala Balaji Devasthanam is Sri Molleti Ramaswamy an ardent devotee of the Lord of the Seven hills.

SRI BALA BALAJI DEVASTHANAM, APPANAPALLIOne night he saw in his dream the Lord ordering him to go ahead with his SAMKALPA of building a temple for the Lord at Appanapalli without coming to Tirupathi with the share of profit in his business for the Lord annually.Accordingly Sri Ramaswamy at once installed the photos of Sri Sri Sri Venkateswaraswamy varu and his consort Padmavathi Ammavaru in his coconut shop in 1966. In course of time pilgrims in thousands started pouring in and Appanapalli occupied a place of devotional importance in the pilgrim map of our state. It is indeed a point of great surprise and beyond any body’s comprehension to explain how the devotee Ramaswamy could serve free meal to one and all including Milk to infants besides Medical aid. “It is all His will”. Who am i to claim the credit?. Ramaswamy used to say to the enquiries of the devotees.

On 18th March 1970, Ekadasi Wednesday at 10.10 A.M. the foundation stone for the construction of the New Temple was laid by Sri Ramaswamy amidst the chanting of Mantras by the Vedic Scholars. On 4.7.1991 the New Temple was completed. Strictly in accordance with the Panchahnica Agama Sastra in which, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimanarayana China Jeeyar Swamy varu installed the idols of the Lord and his consort. The annual Brahmotsavam of Swamy varu will be celebrated most piously from Jyesta Sudda Dasami to Jyesta Sudda Chaturdasi during which devotional discourses and pouranic programmes will be held.

Even though Appanapalli is a village, every care is being taken by temple authorities to provide maximum facilities to the devotees visiting the the Lord every day. Food and shelter is being provided freely, safety and security of the pilgrims stands upper most on the job chart. Well-built bathing ghats, separate rooms for ladies for changing their dresses after the holy dip, adequate toilet facilities etc have been provided.

To-day Appanapalli has become a second Tirupathi attracting pilgrims from all parts of our Country. The income derived from various sources like Arjita sevas, sale of human hair, hundi and sale of grass by auction etc will be utilized for the purpose of providing further amenities to the pilgrims.Devotees in lakhs are being expected during the ensuing pushkarams and the devasthanam has been gearing up to welcome the devotees.


  • Kalyanamahotsavams from Jyestha Suddha Dasami to Jystha Chaturdasi (June).
  • Mukkoti Ekadasi, Uttaradwara Dharshanam.
  • Laksha Kumkuma pooja on the eve of Vijayadasami to Padmavathi Ammavaru & Semi pooja in the evening.
  • Laksha Tulasi pooja to Swamyvaru on Karteeka suddha Ekadasi.
  • Laksha Chamanti pooja to Andal Ammavaru on the day of ‘Bhogi’ in the month of January every year.


Guest House available & Free Meals also provided to devotees. Phone No:08862-239562

Temple Authorities

Assistant Commissioner and Executive Officer
Sri Bala Balaji Devasthanam,
Mamidikuduru Mandal,
East Godavari District.
Phone No:239562.