Draksharamam is located at a distance of 28 Km from Kakinada,50 Km from Rajahmundry and 25 Km from Amalapuram. Throughout the length and breadth of the Sacred Mother India, there are many pilgrim centers. From amongst them Draksharama is the one in the Southern India on the Eastern Bank of the River Godavari. It is colloquially known as Draksharama carrying the implied meaning as Draksharama meaning the Abode of Daksha Prajapathi the Father in law of Lord Siva and the beloved Father of Sati the spiritual spouse of Lord Siva.The history of the Sacred Pilgrimage is exhaustively dealt within the Skanda Purana of Sri Vyasa. To give a brief narration of the same the story goes thus. Once Daksha Prajapathi decided to perform a Yaga.