Kadiapulanka, abutting the National Highway-5 and 20 Km from Rajahmundry is the hub of nurseries of myriad varieties of flowers and fruits. It is only since four years that flower festivals are being organised thanks to the then District Collector, Satish Chandra, who took keen interest in the development of nurseries in these parts.

But in January 2003, the all India Nurserymen’s Conference is organised at Kadiapulanka and it has become a mega event, with people in tens of thousands visiting the flower festival daily. Kadiam nurseries are spread over a radius of about 10 Km comprising the villages of Kadiam, Kadiapulanka, Burrilanka, Veeravaram, Pottilanka, Venkatayammapeta and Damireddipalli. The nurseries in Kadiam are as old as 100 years and at present there are more than 600 nurseries, the extent of each ranging from just 0.5 cents to 200 acres.

In India, there are about 20,000 nurseries employing 60,000 people. But in Kadiam nurseries alone, more than 25,000 people are engaged in the 600-odd nurseries. It was some 80 years back that one Ravi Chinna Rao started grafting of fruit plants and flowers as a hobby, but production on commercial lines was initiated by one Akula Subbarao, a name that is inexorably linked with the development of nurseries in these parts. Nursery products from Kadiapaulanka are exported to every nook and corner of the country. But export potential to foreign countries remained untapped.

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