“Haazar” is a web based innovative programme to ensure transparency and efficiency in the Medical and Health Departments of East Godavari and also to provide vital information to the citizens on the presence of Health Department in their offices. The programme has been locally developed by NIC-East Godavari and includes remotely capturing the attendance of Medical functionaries through bio metric hamsters placed at all the UHC/CHNC/CHC/PHC's. Haazar supported by a virtual private network and an automated “SMS reply system” created specially for this purpose. Under this system, attendance of every particular Revenue employee so captured remotely is automatically updated in the central server and is also displayed on the “Haazar” web site for the benefit of the common man. The said system has a provision for recording the tour details of field officers and also the leave particulars of each employee.

“Haazar” would greatly reduce absenteeism in the  Medical& Health Offices and provide an important tool for senior officers to effectively supervise and ensure accountability among the Medical officials in the district. The common man can have a glance at the “Haazar” web page and plan his visit to any particular UHC/CHNC/CHC/PHC's. The automatic “SMS reply System” sends a daily SMS to senior officers in the district about the absentee and late coming officials in the district. The Common man can also send an SMS request to “Haazar” and would get an automatic reply regarding the status of any particular employee.

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