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e-Parishkaram is an innovative initiative by the East Godavari District to track the grievances through SMS or e-mail and monitor the status of the petitions, which has been launched after taking the inspiration from Honourable Ex Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The genuine petitions received from public are forwarded to the concerned officer with a specific deadline to redress the grievance. In order to keep track of the genuine petitions received and ensure that the grievances of the public are redressedly of with out any delay, as sms based online grievance tracking system called "e-Parishkaram" is being launched.

Under this system, all genuine grievances received would be given specific deadline and entered in the computer. The computer would generate a unique number for each grievance and also generate an acknowledgement to be given to the petitioner. The grievances would then be shown against the concerned officer to whom the grievance has been forwarded for redressal. All important officers in the District would be given a separate ID and login and would be able to update the status of the petition after its redressal.

On the last day specified for the redressal of the grievance, the computer would automatically generate a reminder SMS and email to the concerned officer if the grievance is not yet redressed. A period of three days after the deadline would be treated as grace period in which and an automatic SMS & e-mail would be sent to the officer concerned and also to the concerned Head of the Department in the District. If the petition is still pending even after the grace period is over, then an automatic SMS/E-mail would be sent to District Collector/Joint Collector informing them of the pending petition. The public who sumbit such genuine petitions can also send an SMS and obtain an automatic SMS reply about the status of the petition round the clock. Moreover the petitioners can also call the helpline and obtain the status of their petition by quoting the unique No of the petition.

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మీరు చేసిన ఫిర్యాదు పైన తెలిపిన తుది పరిష్కారపు గడువు లోపున సమాధానము రాని యెడల ఫోన్ నెం.1800-425-3077 కు మీరు ఫోన్ చేసి మీ ఫిర్యాదు యొక్క స్ధితి మరియు వివరములు తెలుసుకొనవచ్చును. లేదా మీ ఫిర్యాదు క్రమసంఖ్యను 9849903868 నంబరుకు ఎస్.ఎం.ఎస్ (S.M.S) చేసిన యెడల వివరములు తెలుసుకొనవచ్చును

Notice Board
  •   Renovated E-Parishkaram Site is being Launched on 05.08.2013   by Smt. Neetu Prasad IAS, Collector and District Magistrate East Godavari
Scheme Information

The web site http://eastgodavari.ap.gov.in/pms is the official web site of the District Administration, Kakinada, Government of Andhra Pradesh. The basic objective of web site is SMS based grievance Monitoring. The objective is to provide most commonly required information to the public. No information should be copied to use in any electronic form or in internet with out prior approval from the National Informatics Center, East Godavari District, Kakinada.

The contents of this web site are informative only and for the benefit of the public. However, these do not confer any legal right or obligation. Even though every care has been taken to ensure the correctness of information and procedures, neither the Government of Andhra Pradesh nor the NIC is liable for any inadvertent or typing errors. If you feel that some information is not correct or needs updation, please write to DIO,NIC,Kakinada, East Godavari District who shall pass on your views to the authorities/ office/department concerned for remedial action, if required.

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